Saturday, April 15, 2017

These are the storyboard and character designs for my animation that I have started working on. The title of the animation is "My Planet" which is subject to change because I’m terrible at titles. An outline of the story is: The setting is in space the character is a snake like thing with arms that I call K. K is wandering space when it finds a planet that it grows attached to. There will be several scenes that shows K protecting the planet from outside threats such as meteors and such. Then ships start to leave the planet K in confusion looks on the planet and sees destruction such as fires and explosions. More and more ships leave the planet and K looks around in desperation. Then at the end relies that he cannot save the planet from its self and leaves it to its own destruction. For the character’s color, I wanted it to stand out from the dark blue of space so I went with an orange color. Although my original color was a light blue, which did not stand apart enough from the background colors.